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On a Premium Glass-Front Niche

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Protect your family with the gift of love.  Advance planning removes the stress of decision making at their most vulnerable time. 

A glass-front niche keeps memories alive

Displaying a loved one’s photographs and treasured mementos in a niche behind glass preserves memories that can be viewed forever. Now, during this special introductory offer, newly released glass-front niches are available in the cool comfort of Homelani’s newly remodeled climate-controlled Niche Room… at a greatly reduced price.

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*Offer ends March 31, 2019. Applies to pre-arranged plans only.  Ask for full details. Some limitations apply.

My dad and I both feel that one of the best things we ever did was to have that important conversation with my mother. We honored her wishes and used the time we had to say all we wanted to say and do all we wanted to do.

Nancy M
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