Floral Regulations

Out of respect to those who are buried at Homelani & Kona Memorial Park and to those who visit the Memorial Park each year, the following Rules and Guidelines must be observed.

Food may be placed at the gravesite for ceremonial use. Alcoholic beverage consumption is not allowed anywhere on park grounds, roadways or structures.

Fresh Flowers are the only type of flowers to be left at the gravesites. All fences, rocks used as borders, pin wheels, framed pictures, souvenirs, statues, artificial flowers, potted plants and trees are strictly prohibited and will be removed by the cemetery. Only vases approved by the cemetery staff will be allowed. These types of items that are left at gravesites take away from the uniformity of the park and pose a danger to park personnel during scheduled maintenance of the cemetery.

Alterations to the natural landscaping are strictly prohibited.

Slow speeds must be maintained when driving throughout the park.

Parked cars should be locked with purses and other valuables removed. The cemetery is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles.

Theft of gravesite decorations is unlawful and violators will be prosecuted. The cemetery is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles and vandalism. 

Homelani & Kona Memorial Park is a private cemetery and reserves the right to refuse admittance at any time.

Other rules and regulations are posted on signs throughout Homelani & Kona Memorial Park.